Job Training Programs Tampa, FL

A very important element of recovering from the throes of addiction is to start the process of accepting the depths of destruction that they have caused to their family and their self. The slow process of integrating back into society is very crucial. They are beat down and need to regain confidence in themselves in order to feel they have the ability to obtain employment and income in order to pay past legal bills, child support, etc., and navigate through life’s ups and downs.

Most people who have had addiction problems for a lengthy period of time have developed behaviors that must be changed in order to be successful. Because of the lying, stealing, manipulating, and lack of work ethic etc. they were not able to hold a decent job for any length of time. Those that have been incarcerated for any length of time are not usually prepared to hold down a job, if they are fortunate to get one, they have a hard time keeping it because they too lack work ethics.

How to Succeed in Tampa Job Training:

  1. In the beginning of their recovery, when they detox from drugs or alcohol, they need to be kept busy to keep their minds off their desire to relapse. They are not trusted to leave property for any reason so they are given jobs such as cleaning, raking leaves etc.
  2. Next is outside volunteer supervised work. This includes working at the food bank helping to stock shelves and clean, also helping with the homeless on the street. This not only allows them to appreciate the progress they are making in their lives, and about giving back to society.
  3. Later, they begin to work events such as concessions and parking such as concerts and football games. This brings them into the world of regular work, but they are given the supervision needed to learn how to retain employment; such as not being on cell phone while working, not taking a cigarette break every ten minutes, how to listen to superiors or authority interact with fellow employees.
  4. When the client has proven themselves to be able to retain employment successfully they are then able to apply for jobs and hopefully be successful. Once a job is obtained they will be monitored closely as to their progress.
  5. The last step shows their ability to handle money. When they receive their first check, it a very dangerous time for a drug relapse. Their money is closely monitored and advice given on creating a budget. They begin to prepare for exit by saving money for a home, apartment, car.

Some transitional housing programs have been criticized by Will Hobson, a writer from the Tampa Bay Times, for forcing clients to work without pay and almost making slaves out of them. Registered complaints have been made with several agencies with these allegations and to county and state agencies as to grant fraud among others

These allegations are false and malicious. We believe he is attempting to cause adverse problems for New Beginnings so he can write an adverse story. He is hindering housing programs’ the ability to
function right because of his thirst for Pulitzers and sensationalism. He has been calling several of the agencies that we work with trying to dig up dirt. He has even knocked on doors of crack houses
looking for former clients to interview. He has been working on this story for several months.

Facts About the Tampa Work Programs

  1. Every client is here by their own free will. If they don’t think this is the best place for them we will help them find an appropriate one.
  2. Our rehab centers operates on very little funding from grants or personal donations.
  3. Monies received from the events to our facilities is a donation that helps support those clients that do not qualify for governmental support or do not have resources to pay their own way to be in recovery.
  4. The average hours worked per week for clients is 10 to 15 hours.

If Mr. Hobson has stated that he does not feel that clients should participate by helping to earn their own way without depending on governmental support. What solution does he propose to help people on the road to recovery? We would welcome him to become a part of our advisory board to become part of the solution rather then creating bigger obstacles for those needing

Anyone who doubts the success of our program is welcome to talk to the clients to see the real story. The real story might not sell papers or win Pulitzers but the real story is that Tampa Drug Treatment has one of the highest documented success rates in the country.

We have veterans that other agencies would not take because they don’t fit into their funding guidelines that now are off the street and doing great in their own housing. Our program has been assisting and supporting the disenfranchised for over 16 years with very little funding, if any, from county or state funding. Yet we have been able to accomplish for mere dollars what other agencies get millions of dollars of funding to do.

Drug Treatment Tampa does not receive the amount of dollars that other recovery programs receive, but the clients get the genuine care and support that is needed for recovery. It is unfortunate that Mr. Hobson has used his influence to misled other agencies by telling them that New Beginnings in under investigation by creating doubt and unfounded acquisitions without telling the truth of the “whole and complete story” He is the one creating the illusion of us being under investigation to discredit our name to our partner, a political ploy to creating doubt and distrust.