Call the Drug Treatment Hotline

What is is an organization dedicated to helping those struggling with substance abuse and addiction. strives to make hotline numbers accessible to anyone in need. You can read more about on our About page.

Who Answers the Phone Number on Our Website?

Calls to the phone number found on are sent to one of our partners that is dedicated to better helping people find and talk through their treatment options. Our referral partners can help you to find substance abuse treatment, if, and only if, you are ready for it. If you aren’t ready for it, that is ok. Our partner can assist you even if you aren’t ready for treatment. Our partners are for profit organizations and so is

Substance abuse treatment is a great option to possibly recover from any addiction you or a loved one might face, but do not let anyone push or coerce you into treatment if you are not 100% ready for it. Drug Treatment is a huge financial, health, and time commitment, so do not leave this major life decision up to anyone except for yourself.

The ultimate goal is to alleviate the overwhelming call volume going to SAMHSA and to prevent people who are struggling with addiction from being admitted to an unethical treatment facility. If you are interested in partnering with or would like to know more about our cause, please contact us.

Why Don't I Just Call SAMHSA From Their Site?

You should call SAMHSA before calling the number on our website. They are a federally funded organization and have great resources that can help you through your addiction crisis. Call SAMHSA if you would like help from a federally funded organization associated with the United States government. is purely an alternative resource provided to those in need. You can access the SAMHSA website by clicking here or you can call them at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

Is This Website Associated With SAMHSA?

NO. This website is not affiliate with SAMHSA or any federally funded, United States government resource. This website is not affiliated with any of the logos on our home page.

Our website is a for profit website. When you call the phone number on our website, you will be referred to a for profit addiction treatment facility. We receive compensation when you call the phone number on our website. This helps us operate the website and provide our addiction hotline, but also generates profit for the website owners.

Financial and Insurance Questions

Is my information private? Yes, your information is kept private. We do not receive information on who calls the phone number on our website. We only receive information such as: length of call, resolution of call (did caller agree to enter treatment?), and other non-identifiable information.

Do I need insurance to call the phone number on the website? No. You do not need insurance to call our hotline. The call is free and you will be provided with free information when you call. If you decide to seek treatment after calling our hotline, you will most likely need to pay for the treatment provided. 


Call the Drug Treatment Hotline