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Suboxone is a treatment for dependence on opiate drugs such as heroin, morphine, codeine, or oxycodone. Suboxone, works to reduce the strong cravings of addiction to opiates while also reducing the discomforts of withdrawal symptoms. Suboxone is the first opioid medication approved for the treatment of opioid dependency and addiction in the privacy of your doctor’s office. In most cases, patients in Mandeville can take Suboxone home, just like any other medication after they have had a thorough health evaluation by a qualified Suboxone doctor.

When you reach a point of being ready for help with your addiction, we are here. Welcome to Mandeville, LA Suboxone treatment program. We specialize in confidential and personalized treatment in a multi-team approach. Our program offers convenient outpatient treatment of opiate addiction under the care of a local Suboxone licensed physicians based in Mandeville.

There are also Suboxone doctors in Marrero and Luling who can get you the help you need.

Mandeville Outpatient Opiate Treatment with Suboxone

How effective is Suboxone treatment in Mandeville, Louisiana?

Buprenorphine, the primary ingredient in Suboxone, has been studied extensively since 1978 when it was first proposed for the treatment of opioid dependence and addiction. A number of clinical trials have established that Buprenorphine is effective to stop opioid addition and abuse by:

  • Stopping the Symptoms of Opioid Withdrawal,
  • Stopping the Cravings for Opioids,
  • Reducing Elicit Opioid Use,
  • Blocking the Effects of Other Opioids,
  • Helping Patients to Stay In Treatment.

How long will Suboxone doctors Mandeville suggest I stay on the medication?

The length of therapy varies with each individual. This is a question you should discuss with the doctor. The purpose of suboxone is to provide a treatment that stops the euphoric effect of opioids that reinforces drug dependency and addiction and at the same time reduces cravings and stops withdrawal symptoms.

After finding the correct starting dose of suboxone, the dose can subtly and slowly decreased until the patient is weaned off the medication totally. In the process, the patient feels “normal” and can get on with the normal functions of his or her life. Every patient is unique so the processes may take month to several months. Studies show that those in long-term treatment have a lower relapse rate than those in short-term treatment.

The alcohol and drug rehab in Mandeville, Louisiana has suboxone doctors on staff and ready to help.

How many patients can Mandeville, LA Suboxone doctors treat?

Under DATA 2000, qualified physicians may obtain a waiver allowing them to prescribe and/or dispense approved Schedule III-V medications for the treatment of opioid dependence. Previously, this type of treatment was available only in federally approved Opioid Treatment Programs, namely, methadone clinics.

For the first time in more than 30 years, qualifying Suboxone physicians in Mandeville Louisiana have the legal right to use approved opioid medications (eg, SUBOXONE) to treat opioid dependence in the privacy of an office-based setting.

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How does Suboxone work?

Suboxone is the first opioid medication approved for the treatment of opioid dependence in an office-based setting. Suboxone also can be dispensed by approved physicians in Mandeville Louisiana for take-home use, just as any other medicine for other medical conditions.

The primary active ingredient in Suboxone is buprenorphine.

Because buprenorphine is a partial opioid agonist, its opioid effects are limited compared with those produced by full opioid agonists, such as oxycodone or heroin. SUBOXONE also contains naloxone, an opioid antagonist.

The naloxone in Suboxone is there to discourage people from dissolving the tablet and injecting it. When Suboxone is placed under the tongue, as directed, very little naloxone reaches the bloodstream, so what the patient feels are the effects of the buprenorphine. However, if naloxone is injected, it can cause a person dependent on a full opioid agonist to quickly go into withdrawal.

Need a Suboxone doctor in Mandeville, LA

Mandeville Suboxone Clinic will help you find your path to long-lasting sobriety. Our judgment-free and professional suboxone programs treat you with compassion and respect as together we work towards the freedom and improved quality of life recovery can give you. Through our confidential and flexible addiction treatment services, we can provide you customized care that fits your lifestyle and allows you to balance your recovery with your everyday responsibilities. Mandeville Louisiana has a variety of Suboxone doctors who are eager to help you recover. Call our hotline to get in touch with your local Suboxone treatment center.

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Why choose our Mandeville, LA Suboxone doctors?

The Mandeville, Louisiana Suboxone Doctor makes themselves available to you whenever you need them. We fit into your schedule. One way we do this is by offering evening hours to meet your needs and protect your privacy. We also welcome kids into our office to make your time with us as easy and welcoming as possible. We pride ourselves on being the Louisiana’s most accessible treatment option for opioid addiction in Mandeville

Our expert and compassionate staff at Mandeville Suboxone Treatment Center truly get to know you as an individual and what your ultimate goals are for recovery. We take into account your unique background and medical requirements to curate a suboxone treatment program that will work for you. You’ll have access to Subxone, as well as Zubsolv, Vivitrol, and if you’re pregnant, Subutex.

Ready to Enter Suboxone Treatment in Mandeville, Louisiana?

Our outpatient opiate addiction program gives you the flexibility to treat your addiction while still living your normal life. We are proud to be a family-friendly clinic and strive to create a welcoming environment where every patient who walks through our doors feels supported and respected. Your freedom from addiction is possible.

Call the treatment hotline at +1-877-226-0319 to get instant pricing and information.

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